Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another busy week down

Not only did Boyd have to replace the brakes on my van, he is having to do the same to his car. A lot cheaper when you can do it yourself.

The girls have been staying home and doing a very good job getting along and working together. I really think they needed that time to learn to work things out without Kaci running to me every second. They have been tending the dogs and doing chores. And reading. Kali just finished the 4 books of the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. I think she is wanting to go and pick up the 4th book in the vampire series by Stephanie Meyers. Kaci has been trying to read a book rated for 6th grade called The Summer of Monkeys. She gets through one page at a time and is very happy when she does. Kole has been busy with football and I wish we would just sit and read to him more.

Kole has mentioned that his nose looks funny. We have told him no it just adds character and is part of him. He is a cleft kid. Anyway, we found out an older boy at daycare was making comments to him about his nose. I didn't have to do much, just tell the daycare provider that the girls were coming that day. They showed up and had a talk with the kid and Kole. Well, the kids said he was making fun of Kole because he was annoying. The girls response was "That is not a good reason to make fun of someone." Then he said Kole was kicking and hitting him. What?! So the girls asked Kole. He said no. Kali said you could tell he was not lying. So then the kid took a step toward Kole and Kaci jumped between them and told the kid he would not touch her brother. In the end the kid who started the trouble felt really bad and guilty. He is also 4 years older than Kole. Kids can be so mean! He did apologize and they are now playing together again at daycare. The girls warned the boy that if they found out he was doing it again, they would hunt him down. ha ha ha

We put the bunk bed together last night and I am going to get sheets and pillow today. It actually looks really good in the room. Once I get the sheets on the top bunk I will take a picture of it.

The exciting news is Max will be here in just a couple weeks!!!! We are so excited. The kids are getting real excited as are is we found a really neat translator online that we were playing with last night to practice some Portuguese.
Here is one: Congratulamo-nos com você para a América.
We can type in words or phrases and it translates from English to other languages and vice versa. Here it is:

Ok. I will give it up. Kali's friend Logan shared it with her and I snatched it! It is really fun!

Kole learned how to block and tackle this week at football practice. It was too fun to watch! Some of the kids didn't want to be tackled so they ran away! LOL Then others wouldn't tackle at all... I think they will get it before their first scrimmage in about three weeks.

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