Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is for you Wells! LOL updates

I have been negligent on updating our blog.  Busy times since Sept 11, 2010.  Since then there has been a lot going on in our household.

Let's start with Kole.   Football season has ended.  His team ended the season with 3 losses over all and 5 wins.  He is doing well in school and is really getting opinionated.  He likes to go outside and throw the football around.  He also loves riding the mini bike.  He still likes video games the best.  Kole has really grown this summer and fall...  almost all his jeans are too short.

Kaci has finished up cross country for the season.  She hasn't been able to run due to a small tear in a ligament, but she has been to every practice and meet.  The girls team went to state competition this year and one boy did.  IF her physical therapist had released her, she would have run at state.  Now she can concentrate on music.  She started playing Alto Sax this year and so far likes it, but as any kid, doesn't like to practice and just thinks it will come naturally.   She is doing very well in school and likes it.  She is growing so much it is unbelievable! 

Kali has been the busiest of the three.  She has been preparing for I.M.E.A auditions for months.  She auditioned on October 11 and was one of 4 in the high school band that made it.  She has been swimming on swim team and doing well.  She has shortened her times and improved her techniques.  She loves biology and science.  She is in biology club and went on a field trip to clean out wood duck nests for winter.    She continues with music lessons and has a lot more studying now too.  She attends all home football games with the marching band and also tries to fit in other fun stuff throughout the week.  This weekend she went to the U of I  for the marching band competitions and to see the Marching Illini perform.  She had a really good time.  I think though, the best thing for her so far has been attending Homecoming for the first time.
She had a date, Sam.  He is in her grade and they have known each other since they are both in band.  His mom and I took them to IHOP(their choice)  for their dinner.  Then back to the school for the dance.  They looked so nice and had a good time.

Boyd and I, well we are being run ragged by the kids and their appointments and extras.  But at least we know where they are and they are doing something constructive.  We are getting older and just keeping things going.  Health wise we are good with exceptions of the normal seasonal stuff.

Today Kali and I were baptized at our local christian church.  A decision that Kali has been mulling around since she was 8 yrs old and I have mulled around for a few years.  We took that step today.

Enjoy pictures!