Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oops it's March already! Where did all that time go?

We have seen Jasmin home to Germany, it was a tearful parting. We have learned to Skype! We had a wonderful Christmas with Mom, Pat, Patty and Tyler. We celebrated the New Year by drinking Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice! The girls have grown and boy has Kole grown!
We celebrated 6 years having Kole in our family! We have had tears, laughter, more tears and even more laughter. The kids are doing fantastic at school and I earned a promotion at work!

Here is how things size up at our home.

Kole just finished up a season on two basketball teams. His competitive team finished 2nd place at one tournament and 3rd at two others.

Kali has finished Swim Team and is now playing soccer for her first time ever!Yes, I am now a soccer mom. She loves it! So she has three seasons to play counting this one. Kali is also on the Scholastic Bowl team at school, the Biology club, and treasurer of the sophmore class. She has been driving with her permit for several months and it is getting closer to driver's license time. Kali continues with band playing the clarinet, tenor sax and alto sax that Kaci gave up.

Kaci finished up with school volleyball team and has started Club Volleyball. She is also running in track this year. Her favorite event is the Hurdles. She had a good Basketball season too! Kaci also participates in Art Club. She has given up on band. Kaci also finds time to hang out with her friends.

Kole also turned 10 years old this year! For his birthday we got him a cellphone. It is inexpensive and gets the job done. There goes my cellphone bill. LOL We are now maxed out with 5 lines.

Boyd is still working at the airport and I am still with State Police.

Our house always looks lived in. We are down to 4 dogs (Reiko, Doodlebug, Tasha and Mia) and 1 cat. Daisy Doo went to a new home in Southern IL. Mojo went to a new home about an hour away from here. Both are doing so much better in their new homes. Smokey a new cat we had acquired disappeared about two months ago. We only had him for about 2 months.
My weightloss aspirations come and go. Sometimes I am gung ho into it and other times, I just throw caution to the wind!
Pictures:  Kaci's Volleyball team; Kole in his basketball uniform; Kole with his first Mohawk; Jasmin;
Kali, Jasmin, and Kali wearing Lincoln hats; at the airport for Jasmin's farewell, Me!  Hope you enjoy!