Sunday, October 21, 2012

School year is already 1/4 done for this year

This school year is flying by.  Marching Band season is done.  Now onto the fall concert.  Football season for Kole is over.  Basketball for Kaci is halfway done.  Basketball season for Kole is just starting.  Kali is holding out for Soccer in the spring.  Kali keeps busy taking advanced classes and participating in Student Council, Student body treasurer for the Class of 2014, Leadership committee, and band.  These do keep her extraordinarily busy.  Kaci is in advanced classes as well and in 7th grade.  Math comes to her so easily.  It amazes me as to how easy she makes it look.  Kole is also very good in Math and you would never know that he spoke only a dialect of Mandarin when we brought him home.  Kali is very good with languages too.  Her accent and pronunciation of Spanish are amazing.

We have had a 4th young lady with us this school year.  Her name is Lee Hyo-lim, or Olivia.  LOL  We call her Olivia.  We have fun learning about Korea and she is loving learning about America and life in a mixed up family like us. 

It feels like we are always on the go.  But as my mom would say, I wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't constantly on the go.  Well, there are days I know exactly what I would be doing.

Here is a video of the marching band from one of their performances.
followed by some pictures of the school year so far!


I hope you have enjoyed the pictures!  The line below is from Smores!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


This has to be one of the hottest summers that I remember.  We have had temps over 100 for weeks.  Usually we get a break from the heat and now we think 83 is cool.  The pool has been fantastic! 
Kali did make her trip to China and back.  She has said that it was a time that she will never forget.  It was the most wonderful time in her entire life.  I can believe that.  I am awed each time we have traveled to China.  She loved it there.  We gave a little over a week to get back into the time change and then took her to get her driver's licence.  Yes!  Now if I am too tired to pick up a kid from practice or need something from the store, I can have her drive!  
We have also acquired a new kitten by the name of Smore's.  Her and the bostons sleep together and play for hours.  School registration is in just over a week away.  We also have a student from Korea coming to stay with us for the school year.  I really hope she becomes one of our scattered family of foreign exchange students.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

I hope you have enjoyed this montage of pictures about our summer!