Thursday, June 16, 2011

Advocating for a special little girl and special boy

A wonderful friend who I might through adoption has a blog that features a beautiful 3 year old girl who desperately needs a family who can help her with her special needs soon.  Please take a look at my friends blog at:

OR if you would prefer a boy from the Philippines take a look at our blog for John

June is half over! How did that happen!!!!

Now there is too much to catch up on.  Since my last post I have had a birthday and school has let out and summer swim team has started.  Music lessons have increased and sport camps have started.

Whew!  When  do I have time to work!  All I wanted for my birthday was dinner at The Cracker Barrel.  I got it!  Following the girls' music recital which was awesome! 

All the kids did fantastic in the report card area.  School was done on June 1.  Then there was a parade to do in Athens, very short for memorial day.  That too was something I attended on my birthday.  

Since then,  Kole has attended a basketball camp, which he loved!  A new sport for him.  The girls started taking piano along with their band instruments.  Kole is still plugging along with violin and has his first recital next Saturday!

The girls survived their first swim meet and and Kole is registered for football camp and also for the late summer football season.   Kali will be turning 15 next month!    WOW  The time is flying!

Boyd and I are still both working.  Boyd had a scare with his health this past month.  Part of the reason I am so slow in getting updated.  He has had some trouble with the medications his doctor has had him on causing some liver and kidney protest.  Then to add insult to injury, he has a bad tooth.

Hopefully by the end of the month he will be on the mend for good.

I have been attending Weight Watchers religiously and keep gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over.  Hmm  Maybe stress is playing a HUGE part. 

We still have all the dogs, cat, fish and bunny.  All are in good health and thriving.

Kole has been testing the rules and testing to see if Boyd is really going to stand behind my summer rules of no computer, video games, or TV until after breakfast, teeth brushed, chores done and instruments practiced for 30 minutes.    Yes, I am a really mean mom.

I have been advocating for children needing homes.  We have a lead on a possible family for John, the boy from the Philippines that we hosted and I just fell in love with.   But just can't adopt him due to family issues and money...  I know, sad when I think about money needed to have another child.

I have become a great- aunt again to a beautiful little girl named Jasmine Nicole.  Trey is a big brother! 

Well, that is all for now.  I have no idea what pictures I would have to share, but I will look.
First we have Doodlebug getting to know Daisy, Then Daisy on her house, then Kaci, Kole with Mia, and Jasmine Nicole.  Of course the ones I have of Kali are on the iPhone that I gave her so she probably deleted them all by now.