Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Referral Anniversary Kali

Wow! Eleven years ago today we received our first referral call for our first daughter, Kali. I was at work in the process of moving from one floor to another. No phone, no computer, just a cubicle and a chair and my stuff. Our receptionist hollered over to me and told me that I had a call and it was very important. I had given up hope of having a referral for our daughter until the next month since it had been almost 9 months already.. Well, I was so wrong! It was our agency, Plan Loving Adoptions Now with "the call". Kali was described as a chubby cherub. The stats were very old so we had no idea how big or little she would be The paperwork was dated Dec 1996 and her birthday was July 17 , 1996. The call came on Aug 5, 1997 at approx 2:00 pm. I called Boyd almost immediately but I couldn't remember his cell number. I finally looked it up and by then I was in tears I was so happy. We had tried to have a family for 6 years both biologically and through adoption. We could hardly wait to meet our Kali. When we did, she was 22 pounds and 28 inches tall! short and chunky! We met on Sept 23, 1997 in Hefei, Anhui. That began our journey to being the parents we are today. Kali is 12 now and more than we could have ever asked for.

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Dawn said...

Wow how cool that both girls referrals are so close together!

We met EmmaLi in Hefei as well, cept it was January and snowed the whole time.

Congrats on celebrating yet another milestone as a family!