Saturday, August 9, 2008

Band Camp, Bedroom, Dogs Oh My!

Well, the week was busy, what week isn't?! We finally got the bunk bed ready with bedding and took out many parts of Kole's twin bed. I registered all the kids for school except Max and I take him in after he gets here for a tour and registration. Kali was in band camp all week with the high school kids. I found out the high school band only had ten students! so they took ten from the junior high to make it look like something. They looked fabulous during the demonstration today!

Kali left for a week at grandma's house.
Uncle Pat and Aunt Patty came to get her and take her back. It was good to see them. While they were here we had a local dog trainer come in to do a consultation on the behaviour issues with Sweetpea.

We knew she was a good dog, just had some baggage that she brought along. Each of children had their own unknown baggage when we brought them home also. This trainer, Tricia is also a K-9 Officer in our town. She was awesome. Since 2:00 today there has been peace in our home with two dogs! YES! We are being trained on how to work Sweetpea through her insecurities and fears. It will not be over night but with consistency and having everyone told this and not just me passing it on I believe we can do this. Tricia actually recognized her from the APL which was cool. She remembered seeing her at some offsite adoptions. Even Kole is learning what is right and what is wrong when working with her. Of course the light bulb went on inside me and I was getting it. I think the rest were, too. It is so nice for Boyd to come in the door and not have her barking her brains out and getting Reiko all worked up too.

Kole had football practice on Tuesday, but it was rained out for the second Tuesday in a row. They practiced Wednesday and Thursday instead. Next week we are back to Tuesday adn Thursday, but there is rain the forecast for Tuesday, again.

Here are some pics that were taken during the week.

Pics of the bunk bed

Pics of Sweet Pea and Kole

Cicada dressed and ready to shop!

Kali at the band demonstration

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Dawn said...

Ok, this post is cracking me up on so many levels! First Kaitlyn cracked up over the size of the HS band, she said they have 10 in her section (the flutes). We don't even live in a big town and our band has over 100 kids. Next that picture of the cicada was hysterical.

I'm glad to hear that the dog training is producing some results already, that is good news!!