Sunday, May 15, 2011

May is Chugging along full steam ahead!

Next thing I know we are halfway through May!  It is so true that time goes by faster the older you get.  Kaci went to IGSMA state solo and ensemble contest earlier this month.  She received a 2nd division on her solo.  I believe she was a bit flustered going so early after arriving at the site.  The duet and quartet she was in received 1st division.  I am so proud of her and all the kids that made it!
That same day the girls and I enjoyed a day going to O'Fallen to shop and then to Fairveiw Heights for shopping at St. Claire Square adn the St. Clarie mall.  It really isn't that far away that a day trip would be possible in the future.  The girls were in Mall heaven!  And of course we had to visit Barnes and Noble.  I love bookstores and libraries.  They have always been my favorite places.

Mother's day followed very quickly and the I had an hour and a half with the toddlers at our church, then home to pick up kids to attend Church.  Well, they were all in bed still, so I went alone.  Kole gave me a booklet called I love you that he wrote all the reasons he loves me.  My favorite was he loves me because I adopted him and bought him new clothes.  :'-)  This made we tear up especially following the weekend that he stated he hated it here.   He also made me a beaded bracelet which I really like!  Kaci made me a colorful firendship bracelet and Kali rounded up money and sent me for my second manicure ever.  Which, I was impatient and left too early.  So, my nail polish ended up ruined.  I went to Ulta and purchased some of the polish and redid them myself. LOL    The kids also gave me 1 hour of peice and quiet on the deck to read my book.   Then they came out and we were being silly.  As I was sitting on the deck bending way over to the left, unbeknownst to me, a wasp had landed so when I sat up, it stung me in my behind!  THAT STINKIN BURNS!!!!  We now know I am not allergic to wasp stings.  whew!

After Mother's day I received my NEW refrigerator and it is wonderful!  I love it!  A black side by side 25 Cu. Ft. with crushed ice, ice, and water!  Very nice indeed!

Kali had her last spring concert of the year.  I let Kole and Kaci stay home, good thing I did since we did not get home until 9:30!  Kaci made sure they were in bed by 8:30 and when they went for a bike ride, she texted me and then texted when they arrived home. 

This weekend the whole family was going to walk in a 3K, but it rained, so I made the decision to walk 3K on the treadmill.  And I did it!  Took me just over 45 minutes, but it was a task I had been working towards!   

Kali begins practice for clarinet choir today and recital for her and Kaci is on my birthday later this month!

Kaci's last spring concert is this Tuesday. 

We finally laid the flooring for the hallway and that is almost back to normal!  Just some final trim to replace.  Then, mop and put things back.  The only room that will require new flooring is our bedroom.  ugh.  I do not look forward to that!  too much stuff in there to remove to do it!  We would have to take up the old and put down the new all in one day!  A nice day to boot, since all our funiture would be on the deck! LOL

Kole has done amazing at school this year!  He has learned to love to read.  He loves the Diary of a Wimpy kid books.  I am sure this will lead him to more books.  Kole is also participating in a basketball camp next week and an art camp the first week in June!  He is so excited!  I think his nitch is sports and art.  He does ok on violin and really does not enjoy it, but I keep him plugging along at it.

Only 10 days and 1 hour of school left for this school year!

I have been horrible with pictures this year!

Oh and I almost forgot!  Reiko brought us a little day old bunny the weekend before Easter.  Kali couldn't just send it back out in the cold since we could not find the nest, so she decided to bottle feed it.  We received a concoction from the vet and began feeding this little bunny with it's eyes closed still.  Kali named him Easter.  We scoped out a release site on our way to visit grandma.  But to Kali's dismay the trip up was too much for him and he died. 
Uncle Pat, Tyler, David and Mo helped bury Easter at grandma's house.
On our way home from grandma's, what do I do, but get her a bunny....  ha!  like we needed another pet in the house.   She is doing fantastic taking care of Daisy the black and white Dutch bunny.

Hopefully later I can upload some pictures!