Saturday, August 30, 2008

We survived our busiest week yet

Wow! We made it! Kali started power tumbling this week and is so glad she got back into it. She is really enjoying it. Kaci started a Hip Hop dance class and she is very good at it! I was amazed watching through the open door. Both of these classes are on Monday night in the same Dance/Tumbling school. Tuesday I took Kole to his football practice and Boyd had his tattoo worked on. Wednesday, I took Max to an audition for the Orchestra and he made it! Plus he was recommended to a very good teacher, Kamen Petkov of the Illinois Symphony Orchestra. On Thursday, Boyd took Kole to football practice and I took Kaci to her first piano lesson after a hiatus for the summer. Then last night was the football game where Kali marched with the high school marching band. She had a blast! The band which is very small, 9 High school students and 11 Junior high students did a very cool field show. We stayed and watched our team get slaughtered Athens 0 Pittsfield 32. It was awful! But hey we had many first downs and our team sacked the quarterback of the other team! ha ha ha

Today we have dog training this afternoon. I will post more then and add pictures! I am very ready for this 3 day weekend.


Dawn said...

WOW, you make me tired just reading about all you complete in a week!!!

Tracy said...

I really think you should try scheduling more things into your week...I would hate for you to become a slacker! :)