Sunday, July 27, 2008

A busy weekend

We didn't have to go many places, but we were busy with the every weekend house cleaning. We added cleaning out some closets and organzing others. Then we gave the outdoor dogs their baths. We also picked up the bunk bed to use! It is a black metal one. Tracy let us have the use of a mattress as well. We will be getting it put together this week.

For recreation the kids have been reading, drawing, jumping on the trampoline, and swimming.
They also spent some time climbing the trees.

Here are just a few photos. Tasha all shaved up and Mia. The kids jumping on the trampoline and some first corn of the season pics.


Kole with corn

Kali with watermelon

Tasha with winter coat shaved off

Mia again

Jumping on the trampoline

1 comment:

vivian said...

wow so the trampoline is working again?
i am so jealous!
thats one of my favorite thing over there lol!