Saturday, September 11, 2010

Updates Sept 11

Where was I nine years ago?  I was driving to work when I heard of the tragedy of the twin towers.  My brother, Dana was in the hospital from a motorcycle accident...  My kids were in daycare/school.  I remember at work, that no one was at their desks..  they were all in a conference room watching the TV....  I wondered, Why are they watching a movie this time of day?  It was that surreal....  We all ended up going home for the day and the next day our building was on Lock down.  It has been on lockdown ever since.
10 years ago we were preparing to fly to China to adopt Kaci and 13 years ago we were preparing to leave to go to China to meet Kali...   Joy and sorrow to celebrate this month.

The kids have been going gung ho at school and activities.. Keeping me hopping with practices and meets and games and performances.  Football games, swim meets, cross country meets and marching band...  really can keep you on your toes and living in your vehicle.  So much for getting exercise except giving the vehicle gas and putting on the brakes and steering..

They are all doing very well in the individual areas.  Drama is back because school is back.  Just an evil to try to ignore. 

Kids are getting their homework done even with the extras.  The house suffers a bit, but it is not gross. LOL

Just everyday life here with our zoo...