Sunday, August 17, 2008

First day with Max

We got in last night very late. Kole was asleep, but the girls were awake when we arrived. Max's luggage did not make it to Chciago, but they will be delivering it hopefully tomorrow! We are lucky that he and Boyd wear almost the same size in some things.

We went today and loaded up on the last of the school supplies that the kids needed minus the kleenex. I am getting that tomorrow. Between 3 of them I need to pick up 7 boxes!

The kids played on the trampoline, and played football, music and video games. We are going to the school, the mall, Circuit City, Best Buy and possibly Officemax or Staples.

We are looking for a good deal on a Sony laptop for Max.

So we have a busy day carved out for tomorrow. I took one first day picture of all the kids on the couch playing video games.

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