Friday, August 12, 2011

K Kids plus J and more

The summer is almost over.  The past week I have been on vacation.  It has been so nice to be home and get some things done and to just sit and do NOTHING!  I am really enjoying it and think that one week just hasn't been enough! LOL 

This past week we agreed to host a semester student from Germany.  Her name is Jasmin. She will be joining us on Tuesday.  We are really looking forward to this!  Our house is getting smaller!  Jasmin likes pets, which is good around here.  I hope she will like staying with us.  This is the first time we have hosted from Germany.  We have had Taiwan, Brazil, China, and Japan. 

Back to the family here.  Kaci went with a friend on vacation the past 10 days.  She really enjoyed herself.  Especially the Taylor Swift concert!  3rd row from the stage and her two friends with her were able to touch Taylor's hand!  Talk about your squeeling happy tears girls!  Kaci was within one foot of Taylor Swift.  These girls were star struck.  What a wonderful experience.  However, Kaci says she will stay home next year. LOL 

We just kind of hung out at home this past week.  Tomorrow I believe we are going to the Zoo unless it is raining.  Then we will think of something else to do.

I would like to get up to Knoxville to see my grandmother.  I have had time to go, except for the constant running of kids to doctor appts and team practices.  Band started again also.   It has been just one wild and crazy time!

It seems there is always something going on. 

I started taking a class a church for Stephen Ministries training.  I am really enjoying it.  It will be even better next week when my friends are back from China and can attend class too!

I will try to get some pictures on here soon!  Wish us luck with our new family member for 5 months.