Saturday, March 22, 2014

Enter Facebook - Blogging back burner

It has been months since I last posted.  I have been through so much since my diagnosis of Colon Cancer and Lynch Syndrome.  Everyday I live with the fact that I can have cancer again and it won't be an easy fix.  But with this is always the fact the cancer was detected early and was removed. 

I have been VERY busy with the three kiddos.   Kali is preparing to graduate from high school on May 31st.  Kaci is going to be promoted to high school on June 2nd.  And Kole, well he turns 12 today!!!!!
Here he is when he had just turned 4 while we were in China (size 2T and 3T)

And today at 12 years old!

ok, I grabbed him as soon as he woke up! LOL
Kole has come a long way baby!  He plays football, basketball, runs cross country, was in the top three for his grade in the spelling B, has all A's and 1 B in math and he plays the trumpet in the school band.  Kole has also been operating the spotlight at the Junior High Musical this weekend.  Can you say we are so proud of him.  And he has been home with us for 8 years!  He is nearly as tall as Boyd and I now and moving past his sisters in height.

Kali has grown into a beautiful woman.  She is pretty, smart, sassy, funny, and downright awesome.  She will be attending Missouri State this fall for Experimental Psychology or that could change.

Kaci is growing up fast as well.  She plays basketball, runs track and keeps us on our toes.  She has her first boyfriend of any significance only because it has lasted 6 months.  They are cute together and have a lot of ups and downs. 

We are at 5 dogs and 1 and a half cats.  We still have Tasha, Mia, Reiko and Doodlebug.  We have our foster Gabby and our kitty Tinkerbell.  The 1/2 cat Georgie Porgie who shows up only on occasion.

And here we are at Christmas

Friday, November 8, 2013

I am a cancer surviver

Since August, when I was diagnosed with Stage 1 colon cancer, there has been a whirl of activity.   Surgery was scheduled and canceled.   Genetic testing was done and the results have revealed,  I have Lynch Syndrome affecting the MH6S gene pattern.  With this diagnosis,  I was scheduled for a double surgery.  Full Hysterectomy including ovaries and a fullsub total left colectomy.  Meaningnno more large instestines or femalemorgans formthe cancer to attack.
Pathology showed that no more cancer cells had shown up in these organs from the original removal of the cancerous polyp.
I spent 4 days in the hospital and have been home less rhan 2 weeks.  Everyday I get stronger and heal a little more.

There is still the possibility that I could end up with stomach or esophagus cancer, but we will cross that path as necessary.

For now though, I'M A SURVIVOR!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

School started, Midterms are in and other news from the homefront

We made it through the first midterm.  The kids are doing fantastic in school.  Most have all A's and two have a couple of B's.    They are doing awesome.  Kole is doing amazing in Cross Country.  Kole had a very minor surgery, an outpatient procedure to help make the flap smaller that is over where the gum graft was done.  So no trumpet for 6 weeks.  That's right Kole is learning to play the trumpet.

Kaci is playing basketball again this year.  She really likes the coaching staff this year.  She is busy with friends and enjoying her last year in junior high before heading to high school next year.

Kali is enjoying her senior year.  Homecoming was this past week and she has had a blast participating in all the spirit week fun.  Today I took her and Kaci into town and Kali had a Manicure and pedicure while Kaci and I had manicures while waiting for her.  Then off to get Kali's hair done.  She is so pretty and beautiful.  Kali has been accept to the college of her choice also!  We are so happy for her and proud of who she has become.

We are still fostering a senior Boston Terrier named Gabby.  She is such a sweetie.  I left her home from the parade today because she is blind and I did not want her to be scared.  Reiko and Doodlebug went with Kaci and I so we could see Kali in her last Athens Fall Festival Parade.  So many bittersweet moments this school year.

We are all doing well.  We have had a bit of a scare with my health.  I don't have all the answers yet, but I do know that I had a routine colonoscopy and they found cancer cells in a polyp.  There doesn't seem to be anymore currently, but it will not end there.  I am waiting for some results to return from some genetic testing.  It is thought that I may have Lynch Syndrome.  I am still learning about it, and other information that may help me in my future.  One thing I do know is that I need to be here for my children and their children.  so I plan on being here for a long time.

I leave you with some great pictures!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer is over and the school year has begun

We finished off the summer with two college visits for Kali.  Yes, she is now a Senior in High School.  The time has gone so fast!  Who knew the time from meeting Kali at 14 months to the time she started her senior year would go so fast!  We visited Missouri State University in Springfield, MO and Kansas University in Lawrence Kansas.  Both schools had a lot to offer and both were beautiful campuses.  We received word just this past week that Kali has been accepted to Missouri State University!  We are both so proud of her!  She has really blossomed and grown up.  She is now a young lady instead of a child.  When did this happen!?!?   I guess this happened over the past 17 years.  Seventeen years ago this month is when we were preparing to go and meet our wonderful Kali. 

Kaci has really blossomed over the summer.  She is now an 8th grader and will be turning 14 next month!  SAY WHAT?!?!?  Where have the last 13 years go!  Kaci accompanied Kali and I on these college visits.  She went to observe and enjoy getting away from home.  Kaci also went and spent a week in Tennessee with her Uncle Pat and Kelsie, Lorrie, Scooby and more!  She was able to see Nashville and go to the races.  She really loves the state.  Now she is thinking she might want to go to a school in Tennessee when she graduates.  Next year she will be a freshman in high school.  Amazing how fast they grow up!

Kole has grown so fast!  He is nearly as tall as Kali at 11 years old.  Kole has started running Cross Country with the Junior High team.  Kole is in the 5th grade and doing fantastic in school.  He does great at running and has put football and basketball on hold to explore some other areas.  He has decided to try band this school year and see if it is something he likes.  I thought for sure he would be allowed to play saxophone since I own one.  But no, they chose him to play Trumpet.  great.  I hope they have a loaner.  Kole also enjoys his video games and watching TV.   He likes to pick at his sisters and listen to Kaci complain at him and Kali just feeds it back to him twice as much.

Boyd has finally started working.  He is working through a temporary service at a company called Simplex.  They make electrical parts.  He has been working hard and keeping the pool clean.  He has been painting on the shed and finding all kinds of projects to work on.

Me, well, I am still working hard and keeping the family going.  I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and I am working with the medical community to get what I need to beat it.  The prognosis is very good.  I meet with the surgeon and the oncologist this coming week.  I expect surgery will be coming very quickly.  Once surgery is over then I will have to have yet another colonoscopy.  And more following that.  Not something I ever thought would happen, but I am keeping a positive attitude and doing what I am supposed to do. 

We still have 5 dogs and two cats.  They keep me busy.  I will see if I can get some pictures put up for your viewing pleasure.

 Kali and Kole

Me and Doodlebug

 Boyd and Smores
First day of school 2013-2014

Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer has started but you wouldn't know it!

The 4th of July has been her and gone.  The parties are still going strong in and around our town.  I took the girls to the fireworks last night at the capital.  Great viewing spot, not so great sitting spot.  We were surrounded by smokers.  But we refused to give up our great viewing spot.  Kole was with a friend and his family to watch fireworks.  They went to the top of the parking ramp of the Bayliss building.  LOL

We have our second foster Boston Terrier, a ten plus year old female named Gabby.  She is a sweetheart!  Reiko gets along with her well enough, Doodlebug feels threatened by her occasionally.  She is blind due to eye injuries and cataracts.  She sure can get around.  It didn't take her long to get things figured out.  She is the first one up in the mornings. 

Tasha had her yearly shave and feels like a cotton ball.  She is so fluffy.  They must have removed 10 pounds of hair! LOL   Mia is doing well and some days acts like a puppy. 

Tinkerbell is getting up there and is now 12 years old.  She sure doesn't act it.  Smores is a year old now and tries to play with Tink.  Sometimes they actually do play.

We had a stray yellow kitty show up one day.  Kole found him.  While searching for his owners, we found out he belongs to several people. LOL    His name is George.  He is not fixed and he was flea ridden.  He had also scratched himself until he was bleeding and missing hair on his tail.

 Boyd powdered him, Kali and Kole fed him and made him a bed in the garage.  He came back a week later and we put flea and tick stuff on him and then he disappeared.  He came back a week later to say.  He does that.

Now on to the kids!

Kole continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  He decided to not play football this year and instead go out for cross country.  He will be doing some long distance running.  I think he is built for it.  There are some things he is finally doing on his own, like showering!   yay!

Kaci continues to be the one constantly connected to the computer or her phone.  Since all her friends are away on vacation, she spends her time texting, emailing, tweeting, etc.  She loves listening to music and painting her nails.

Kali started working this year.  She is giving swim lessons as well as working lifeguard for open swim, lap swims, water aerobics and parties at the nearby indoor pool.  She likes it because it is so close to home.  Some days she is pooped and takes a nap after she arrives at home.

Boyd was able to get the pool opened and repair the pump.  WHEW!  But I've only been in twice now because it has been so cold!  The days it was in the 90's we didn't have the pool open.  Now that it is brrrr..  The temps have only been getting up in the 80's..  Plus we have had a lot of rain.
He is also still looking for a job and starting to realize because of his age, he is getting turned down for jobs that could be had by younger people.  sucks

Me, I am still working at the same place and have started my 22nd year.  I'm supervising now, and still learning something new everyday.  I also volunteer for Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue.  That is how we ended up with a foster Boston.  Our first was Raggyroo.  He was a wild boy.  Still a pup.

Summer is going by so fast and we have not had the summer fun  we would have liked to.  My van needed some repairs which cost nearly $2000 that I didn't have.  We have been facing our challenges head on and getting through.  Some days and weeks are easier to get through then others.

After five years of hosting foreign exchange students we are taking a break.  I know it is so hard to find families willing to take on the responsibility, but I need this next school year to focus on us.  Kali is a senior this year and I look back and wonder where did the time go!  When did she grow up?  Why do I feel like I have missed out on so much.  And Kaci, she is going into 8th grade this year.  One more year and she will be in High school.  Kole he goes in to 5th grade this year and is the oldest in his grade.  Sometimes I think we have done him an injustice but in other ways it has been good holding him back a year.  He is proving to his teachers that he is a natural leader (Bossy)..  LOL

The hopes of the kids now is Kole - maybe military, Kaci - Accountant, and Kali - Experimental Scientist.

Wow.  I have great kids!

Notice the change in title.   The Flying Bs. The kids say it means fling B.S.  Boyd thinks it means that we are constantly going somewhere and our last initial. is B.. LOL  Sometime the first fits perfectly.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where have we been and what are we up to now

We have been right here!  BUSY!!! 

We have had Olivia (Hyo-Lim) Lee with us this school year.  She is a sweet quiet girl.  She didn't give me a bit of a worry at all.  Tonight is her last night here.  She flies out tomorrow to visit a friend and then home to South Korea.  I feel we have done her an injustice.  Things were so busy and sight financially that we just didn't get to do the things we always do with exchange students.  I hope her friend can make it up to her by spending quality time touring.

I have a Senior in High School now!!!  Where on earth did all the time go!  Kali will be 17 next month.  This doesn't seem possible.  She even has her first job.  Lifeguard at Porta Pool where  she first learned to swim.  Kind of a home away from home.  She teaches lessons and then just makes sure all the pool rules are enforced.  She is looking at colleges now too.  We have it narrowed down to Missouri State University, Kansas University, University of Missouri, and University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.   Kali has grown into a wonderful young lady.  She is on Student Council next year, Class officer, National Honor Society, Leadership Committee, and she participated on the Prom committee and helps out in all other areas.  She finally has wheels that she can drive until she can purchase her own.  This makes my life easier.  Looking to the future she is interested in Experimental Psychology.

Kaci is in her last year of junior high.  She is a sassy, take me as I am kind of girl.  She loves track and basketball.  She has had a lot of ups and downs this school year.  She has her few close friends and others she gets along with, but doesn't call them her close friends.  There has been so much he said she said and rumors and lies and just plain smack going on in her life, I am glad it is quieter with only those few.  But then, I miss all the friends she used to hang out with all the time.  I miss her having a feeling of camaraderie she has had in past years.  She has become less open at home and it worries me as well.  I can't even begin to guide her if I she won't talk about what is going on.  She has even stopped confiding in her sister.  This scares the bejesus out of me.  What has someone done to my baby to do this to her?  She is a straight A driven student.  She makes good decisions on balancing school and sports.  She likes to cook and prides herself in being able to do it.  Looking to the future she would like to be an Accountant.

Kole has really come a long way!  He is active in sports and still barely sits still, in perpetual motion.  I think even in his sleep.  He is really growing up!  He is an A, B student, plays football, basketball, and is trying cross country this next school year.  He has been through 3 more surgeries and bounced back amazingly well after all of them.  He is due for another one possibly next month to clean up his P-flap.  After that is healed he will start having aggressive orthodontia.   He laughs a lot still and when he gets mad, boy is he.  He goes to his room and you might see him the next day.  His sisters have been increasingly harsh toward him.  He is starting to go through puberty and it is tough for him.  It is tough on him being almost 2 years older than his classmates.  I still think he is in the right grade.  Now if we could just get his time on video games and computers cut back.

We have fostered a boston terrier for Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue.  He was a wild boy.  But, he has turned out fine.  He went to his knew home where he is spoiled rotten and loved like crazy.

We still have the rest of our menagerie.  Tasha, Mia, Reiko, Doodlebug, Tinkerbell and Smores. 
Smores is our newest kitty.  She is a year old now and always wants to go out, but we keep her in as well as we can.  All of the white on her makes her a bit conspicuous to coyotes, owls, etc. 

Boyd has been laid off work since late January, so we do the best we can. 
Me, I am still working at the same place.  Nine years until retirement.  This is the year that my wonderful grandma went to heaven.  This was sad while not being tragic.  She lived a long time.  She was 93.

 I hope you enjoy the following photos.

That's all folks!
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