Monday, August 4, 2008

Referral Anniversary for Kaci

Wow, 8 years ago about this time (6:30 pm) I was outside talking to Boyd and Kali while they were paddling around in the kiddy pool( pretty good size one) when I heard voices coming from inside the house. I ran in and it was our answering machine! I picked up the phone and it was our adoption agency Plan Loving Adoptions Now calling to tell us about our new daughter who would be Kaci. She was 17 pounds, 27 inches long and located in Dianbai, Guangdong. We were elated, although we were expecting a toddler. The next day we received her picture and documentation. Gotcha day wasn't until September that year. Remembering back to the emotions of that day and watching Kali be so excited about getting a new sister was amazing! I guess you could liken the experience to knowing you are giving birth soon and now have an idea of sex and size... We waited 8 months and 3 weeks for her referral. Her picture reminded us of a cry baby! LOL But as we were to find out later, she had reason. She had sleep apnea that we did not find until she was 3 years old. After her tonsils and adenoids were removed, she became a completely different kid. Gone was the crying and total clingyness. Gone were the bags under her eyes. Then she grew! A lot! I should really save some of this for Gotcha day posts next month!

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