Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How quickly things can change

First, let me say we have done a lot of praying, discussion and more praying.

We have decided to give up on the adoption of the 12 year old boy. We went for a roller coaster ride with out the thrill and laughter.
First someone had locked in the boy we were going to adopt on the shared list. So we chose a boy on the select list for the agency. Well, we find out he is not just delayed due to circumstances he is mild to moderately mentally challenged. We talked it over and decided that would not be the best course of action for us. Then the first child became available again due to some glitch. So, we looked at him again, but Boyd was already more attached to boy number two. Since we were not adopting boy number two, we decided to hold off completely since Boyd could not feel very connected to boy number one.

The way things stand now. We are not adopting another child after all. Like I said, it was a roller coaster ride. During this I had a root canal done and we continued on in our busy lives.

So there you have it in a nutshell.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Kaci performed in her last dance recital this weekend. She has decided to give up dance in favor of school activities.

Here is a link to the dress rehearsal night.


She did fantastic on recital night where recording is not allowed.

And the outfits were cute too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A lot can happen in a couple weeks!

Summer swim team is in full swing. We have swim meets every Saturday and Tuesday through the third week of July. They girls also have practices the other days of the week minus Sunday. We also have clarinet lessons and saxophone lessons once a week. Then there are the projects. Building a shed, which just needs the trusses built and a roof, then the doors and windows. Then there is the never ending battle of keeping the house picked up. Which we are losing now! Kali and I attending church services regularly now. We are enjoying the contemporary service quite a bit. Boyd has been working more hours at the airport and seems to enjoy the job one day and be mad about it the next. Oh well, I think most of us do that.
We mourned with Boyd's brothers and our neices and family at the passing of Brian's wife, Verna. We were able to spend some time with the family but not much.

Then just this past week, we decided to host an orphan from the Phillipines. Raymond. He is 14 years old and really looks and sounds like a great kid! So we called and asked about it. We hit a solid wall. We had only a few short weeks to get a foster/adopt licence and full blown homestudy done to host him in August for three weeks. That was not going to happen... Well then a door opened in that wall and our attention was brought to a boy from China who is going to age out in a year and a half from being adopted. There was already a grant in place and many fees were being waved. wow! A healthy boy... hmmm... so we discussed it and mulled it and prayed for direction not an answer. So I took the initiative and sent in the family information form to see if we even qualifed to do an adoption. I was assuming that our age and weight would throw us both out.

Then Friday I received a phone call. If we were 100% sure we wanted to adopt him, we could. I stuttered a bit and said, I really need to talk to the rest of the family. So after work, I came home and talked to Boyd. We talked to Kole, then off to the pool to talk to the girls. So, the answer is, yes. I called back Michelle to tell her the news. Right away we needed to send in pictures, an application form, money, etc....

So, today, Sunday I finished getting the main beginning stuff together. It goes out in the mail tomorrow. So we are now in the adoption process yet again... This time for a 12 year old boy. A big brother to Kole and Kaci and younger brother for Kali.

Of course all this happens the payweek that I had to shell out over $200 on glasses and over a hundred for an initial payment on a saxophone for Kaci and pay car insurance for me. But where there is a will there is a way. I prayed today and told God that I knew this would all work out if I just let my Type A personality relax and let it happen, just as the referral did.

Tune in again for more on the saga of bringing home our 12 year old son... Name yet to be determined.. probably will let him choose. No pictures yet... Not until after Pre approval and probably more!