Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Scrimmage for Kole

We had an early start today! Boyd had to work, so I took all the kids to Kole's first controlled scrimmage against Williamsville. What a hoot! they are so tiny out there!

Kole plays defensive lineman. He is really good at it! Here are some pics from our morning! I sure am glad we were done by 10:00. It is going to be hot and humid today!

Kole is in the front row second one in #11

Kole is on the farthest away end

Kole and Max before the game

Kali congratulating Kole on a good game

Kole is second from the left watchin the offense play

Kole is right in the middle of this pic


Tracy said...

they do look so tiny out there. Looks like fun, though!

vivian said...

haha this is so cool! they all look so tiny!! and so cute! i wish i was there =(