Friday, August 15, 2008

Max is coming! Kali is coming home!

Kali comes home today! She has been gone a week and we miss her. Grandma is bringing her home and then staying with the kids on Saturday while we drive up to get Max!!! He is coming into Chicago on Saturday evening! We'll get home around 11:45 PM That will be a long drive!
But it will be worth it to keep Max from having to change terminals and airlines to get here.

Our Answering Machine was fried a couple weeks ago during some storms and so was the caller id so we had no idea if anyone was trying to reach us during the day or not. I received a call yesterday at work with the information about Max's flight. I had been worrying myself silly over the whole thing. Just the way I am. You know, planning... I have to have a plan worked out with the schedule. Actually that is the only way I can keep things going around here with our chaos. I know, if I said no once in a while there would be no chaos. But, that would not be me!

More after Max arrives!

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