Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer crazy is over...... or is it?

I just noticed it has been since June that I updated our blog.  Well, you see....  The girls have kept me very busy with swim team, sleep overs, shopping adventures, trips to grandma's house with three boston terrors to celebrate Kali's 15th birthday!  That is right my sweet Kali is 15!  This means, more responsibility, driver's permit and a sophmore in High School!  I think back to when I was a sophmore, so much has changed since then.  We wandered around the city with no worries, basically had fun and did the cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.  hmm  I think I am still doing all that stuff!

We had a lovely time visiting with family and friends at my mom's place. Then the next weekend we had a cookout.  Which turned into an indoor Wii Fest!  I should have taken pics.  We had a couple families show up and had some friends over to eat, and chat and just plain have fun!  The pool felt like it was 100 degrees..  It did turn my skin bright pink from the heat!

Swim team is over.  The girls had a great season and went to conference.  No medals, but they placed in the top ten of each event they participated in with the exception of  one and it was a twelth place.  But you need to understand there were 300 kids and 169 heats total!

No sooner did swim team end, then band marching band practices started and so did football for Kole!  School swim team will be starting and volleyball for Kaci, if she still decides she wants to do that. Music lessons continue.

Starting next week I will be attending training through December for our church's Stephen Ministries.  I know, when am I ever going to have time.  Well, Wednesday nights are my time for this training.  Most kids activities are not on Wednesday nights.  I will try.  If I can't make it, I can't.. I know I need to at least try.

August 3, I register the kids for school.  First day at school will be August 19!  I can't believe the summer is almost over!