Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catching up

It is almost Thanksgiving!  We are so wound up in life that many times I don't get over here to update very often.  Since October, Kole has started violin lessons, Kaci will be playing sax with the 6th grade band for the Christmas tour, even though she is a 5th grader.  Kali is working on music to compete at Federation, and so is Kaci.  Kole is learning his violin parts and how to control the sound and bow.  Scholastic Bowl starts tomorrow for Kali as does Pep Band and Jazz Band...  so more stuff yet again.  It was a nice break.  lol

We have been trying to decide how this year will go with the Christmas tree and two dogs that have no clue what one is.  lol   I think putting up the tree and keeping after the dogs to stay away from it will help.  But I dread putting the decorations on with a pup.  Reiko was always good about it.  Or did I forget....  hmmm  I will have to think about that one. 

This will be our first Christmas in 3 years that we have not had a foreign exchange student to share it with.  We loved sharing the moments of our craziness with Christmas.  It usually starts with Kali waking the others to come out and see if Santa has been here at around 2 am, then they all camp out in front of the tree until morning....  Then they come and wake us up way too early, usually around 6 or before! LOL    It is going to be VERY interesting this year!

This year for Thanksgiving we are staying home and enjoying a meal here.  Boyd has to work that day so it will be interesting when we decide to eat.  Early before he goes in to work, or during his hour dinner time later in the evening... That is yet to be decided.

Enjoy the pictures taken of the kids practicing their instruments and some of our four legged friends.

These are the captive audience to all the musical sounds....  LOL

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How could I have forgotten!!!

Kaci turned 11!  Yep, that's right 11 years old!  It seems like just yesterday her dossier was going off to China.  In October the little crud added a year to her age and a hole in each ear.  She now has double piercing in each ear.  Looks really cute.  For her party she invited over 7 + friends, but only seven showed up.  She had a bonfire weiner roast.  What fun they had.  Kali invited her boyfriend over and the house was full of kids.  Three of Kaci's friends spent the night and they were giggling and talking until after midnight.  They had so much fun!     Then that Friday after the party was the Halloween Carnival at the school where I took Kole and Kaci there while Kali was on a ahem ahem cough cough  Date! with her boyfriend Sam.  They went to the playoff game between Athens and Auburn with his parents.  I guess I missed a really good tight game. 

Enjoy the Birthday pictures!

Aren't they a bunch of really silly girls!?  this last one where they are trying to look mean... LOL  They are just soooo scary! LOL

November already!

Where has the time gone.  It is so hard to believe that it is November already!  It won't be long until Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us!  So hard to believe...  I took a good look at the kids the past couple of days...  and think  wow...  they are growing up at warp speed now.  I still remember wondering if Kaci would ever walk and talk.. If Kali would ever grow taller than 4 ft and if Kole would ever learn English.  Well, they have accomplished all those and are moving on to bigger better things...
Report cards came home and Kali - straight A's!  She works so hard to keep those grades and sometimes she gets so burned out.   Kaci had all A's and one B.  She too is working very hard to keep her grades up.  Her ankle has healed and she is doing great.  Kole was my biggest surprise this year.  I really didn't think I was ever going to see a V for very good (equivalent to an A) and he brought home his report card and it had all V and S  which would be all A's and B's and he is either on target with his grade group or higher...  He has come so far in 4.5 years!  I am soooo amazed!  I announced to all the kids how proud I was of their accomplishments and let them know they should be proud of them too.  I guess all of our ranting at them about homework and studying and doing well in school is working.

Halloween has ended and this year was Kali's last year trick or treating...  She is going to be 15 next year so it is up to her to decide what she will do next year...
This year Kali was a Bee, Kole was Darth Vader and Kaci was a princess of her own design.   Enjoy the pictures.  I also made a plate of Brigadiero......