Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Luggage arrived and school registration

Max's luggage finally arrived around 9:15 on Monday night. He was a very happy person. Too bad the kids went down to bother him while he unpacked! We are going to talk to the kids about smothering Max. He seems to be enjoying it, but he is also a very polite young man. I really can't call him a boy.

Kali was trying to help him pick out what to wear the first day of school. She was telling him, no that doesn't look right or this is too something... I told her to back off that there is a big difference between 12 and 17. Max does very well dressing himself without Kali's input. I know she is just trying to help him fit in.

Yesterday the kids went to the store on bicycles, then swam and played on the tampoline, did some archery, and played video games. Kole does not know how to take turns very well. he will learn.

Tonight is the kindergarten open house for Kole. We get to take all his supplies in so he can carry an empty book bag tomorrow.

I took the kids shopping on Monday. We went to Hollister, Abecrombie, Aeropostle, American Eagle outfitters, Subway for lunch, Best Buy, PetsMart, and Circuit City! I was beat! We were pricing electronics for Max. Now we are on a mission to find the least expensive way for him to call home to Brazil. Vivian had a calling card that her dad would add minutes to. Max purchased a calling card, but I think he needs more minutes added on.
We are also looking for a translator that translates English to Brazilian Portugeuese.
I know we will find one, but probably not in Springfield! LOL

We took Max to the school to register him and today I need to call and find out if they have something worked out so he can go as a senior and graduate.

Next week Max has auditions for the orchestra in Springfield. I need to call today to get him an audition time. I think he will enjoy it. He plays both violin and piano beautifully!

Last night while Kole was practicing football Max was making friends with some of the local guys that were hanging out at the park. It is good that he is not shy about making new friends. He will have a whole list of them before tomorrow is over.

Kali and Kaci are enjoying having a temporary older brother around more than I think they could imagine. It is so fun to watch them laugh and have a good time. Kole looks up to Max a lot! He really likes him.


Jeff and Amy said...

Wow, Shannon I am tired just reading what all you have done. LOL

Dawn said...

BUSY BUSY BUSY, do you ever get a chance to sit down?

Too cute how the kids are all over Max though, sounds like they will all have a great year.

Have you looked into Skype for the calling. People do it all the time when they travel, it goes through the computer. His parents will need a computer too though to use it.

Tracy said...

how did the first day of school go for your kids? Madison loved it. Check out my blog for pictures...

Carla said...

OOOH, calling Brazil....we used something for our calls home from China...well, actually they called us at set times.

It was like 2-3 cents a minute for the boys to call us in was depends on where he needs to call to see if that would work.

A second option, if he can, is sign up for yahoo talk and use 2 matching web cams. :) We did that from China a lot too to see and hear the boys. Worked well, but not as clear as phone line. Not to mention getting it set up was a little painful. But if his family is computer savvy it should be okay.