Friday, January 22, 2010

January is almost gone!

I have been very bad about updating the blog lately. There has been a lot going on. Between school work, job, dance class, cub scouts, music lessons, scholastic bowl and play practice. It can be daunting finding time to update the blog. O.k. I know many of you probably see me on facebook. I am an addict. I love facebook and spend time on there chatting with friends instead of picking up the telephone. Easier for those of us who are becoming hearing challenged. Must be all the years of screaming, loud laughter, shouting and bagpipes...

Anyway for updates:

Kole: He is doing fantastic! I even had a phone call from his teacher telling me how awesome he has been doing in class. He loves Cub Scouts, can't say the same for his dad... He really enjoys the swordplay part of Wii Sports Resort. That was a very good investment. I had been told once that it takes the same amount of time that a child is in their country of birth before they become accustomed and adjusted to their life in a new home. Well, I think that is almost right on. Kole has been with us for almost 4 years. just a couple months shy of that and he is doing fantastic.

Kaci: Kaci is enjoying her dance class and getting ready for recital in June already! She love her hip hop dance class and is enjoying school. She is doing great. She has grown like a weed this past year and is nearly as tall as me. She is 5 foot tall and 10 years old. She also has enjoyed going to all the different places we have to go to on the weekends.

Kali: Kali has become our typical new teenager. One minute we are getting along great, the next butting heads. The most recent is dating... I tell her No and she gets defensive, then apologizes... then we are good. She loves her music lessons when she practices... lol she is playing Clarinet and Tenor Sax. She participates in band, jazz band and occasionally is called upon to help out with the high school pep band and concert band. She has found a true passion for Scholastic Bowl and loves the challenge and trivia. Time to bring out Trivial Pursuit again! She also auditioned for a part in the school play and is a Prisilla girl in the play Thoroughly Modern Millie (A flapper). She keeps us busy running her here and there.

Pets: Sweetpea went back to the Animal Protective League and now our home is quiet again. The poor little girl was just a bunch of nerves all the time.... The only time she was not was when it was just my mom here for a couple weeks. So hopefully now that we know more about Sweetpea they will be able to find her the home she needs.

Kendle will be coming home in February. He is a boston pup. Two Bostons in one house should be hysterical.

Mia is doing great and loves coming in at nights and hanging out where it is not cold.

Tasha is loving the cold.

Reiko is loving having the family all to himself. typical boston...

Tinkerbell has surprised us all by coming out of hiding and enjoying not being chased all the time.

Boyd is doing as well as can be said for someone who has been laid off for over a year now. Jobs are very hard to come by but we hope something turns up soon that does not require over the road truck driving...

Me, I am battling a bulging disk in my lower back and working full time and keeping the kids on schedule and trying to enjoy some quiet time from time to time. I need to lose a bunch of weight and stop eating junk. I am pre-diabetic and need to stop it before it becomes full blown. Some days I do well, some days not so good. I still substitute food for the cigarettes I gave up 17 years ago....

That's it for the updates!