Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recital on Saturday

All the kids did a wonderful job at recital yesterday. Kamen had all his students participating ranging from age 6 up to 70. The oldest was a Sister from one of the Catholic churchs in town. Max was the last to play and the sancturary at the church was in a total hush while he played. Several comments were, it made my heart stop, it gave me chills, it was beautiful, I held my breath, and wow (with reverence). I would say, Max will have no problem getting a scholarship to any college he chooses that has a music program. I was very proud of him. His parents should be as well. All pics can be see at

Following are some pictures from the day.

Max playing

Max with Austin and Alex the two youngest players

Max and Kamen Petkov

Max and conductor Richard Haglund

Austin and Alex youngest players 6 and 8

Max and Maryna

Max and Maryna

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