Sunday, February 8, 2009

Balloons to begin our day

This is Kole and Reiko relaxing this morning while watching cartoons and Kole blowing up a balloon. He would blow it up and release it. Kole finally had the sensation of the air releasing back into his mouth. He said it felt funny! He loves blowing them up and releasing them in room. Last night we were batting one around and Reiko got in on the fun and was tapping it into the air with his nose! I wish I had recorded that! It was so funny! The amazing thing about the balloon is that most kids who have had a cleft palate have a very difficult time blowing up balloons or sucking on a straw. Not Kole. You wouldn't know except a couple scars and a bit of leakage.

Then later at dinner, Kole did not want to eat. He said he wasn't hungry, so I asked what he had been snacking on, he said nothing. Boyd told me he found small packs of gummy lifesavers in his room hidden in his clean clothes. LOL
But, no mom, I have not been snacking. His dinner is still waiting for him. LOL

Is this a look of ornery!?

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