Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The beginning of a new week

Monday was a usual Monday with a few exceptions. First a volleyball game after school. Boyd handled getting Kali there and home. Then dance class for Kaci where we found that she really in a size 8 jazz shoe, not a 4! OMG that kid has some really long feet. Then home to get kids ready for bed. We were home before 8:30 so Kaci was able to get to bed at a decent time and Kole was already in bed. Kali was last and I followed right behind her.
We made a trip to Max's new home to drop off his lunch bag, hair gel and two pair of shoes he forgot. We found out that he has a strep infection that is being treated with antibiotics and rest. He will be back to normal in a day or two.

Kaci is over her strep infection and as feisty as ever. She has her melancholy moments, but she is on the uphill side of her broken heart.

Kole is getting used to sleeping in his room alone again. You can tell he isn't sleeping real well due to the puffy eyes in the morning.

Kali is doing well, I think her "setter's thumb" is healing. slowly. It may not fully heal until volleyball season is over.

Boyd seems to be doing well. His color is good and he seems to have more energy. The new medication for blood pressure is working well for him.

Me, I am actually getting to bed before 10 so I can get up at 5:15 and am getting more rest. I was able to just sit and do nothing with peace around me last night. The decibal level in the house is not as high.

Tonight it will be time to pick up and put stuff away that did not get done this weekend.

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Dawn said...

Sounds like a calm is settling in over your house!! Enjoy it while you can!!!