Thursday, January 29, 2009

Changes coming and a very busy next 3 days

The next three days are going to be very busy. Tomorrow on Friday there is a volleyball practice and a final rehearsal for Recital on Saturday for Max. Then on Saturday we have a 7th grade volleyball tournament in the morning, basketball practice in the morning, Recital at 3 and then I have an appt to meet up with one of the exchange students I supervise.

During all of this we need to get Max packed and round up all of his things to move him to a new home on Sunday.

This week has been hectic with Boyd not feeling well. Bad blood pressure, job layoff and then Kaci sick with a sinus infection, and Boyd needing new glasses.....
Max has been not 100% with a cold. But he is getting over it. I for once am well and so is Kali and Kole.

I have been thinking back on our time with Max and we have learned so much and he has as well. It is sad that this placement did not work out as planned, but I know we all meet people for a reason. People come and go in our lives for a purpose. I believe Max was put here to teach us what we can expect when our children get older. To teach us a new culture. I think he was put here to meet with his new family. They are going to be a very good fit for Max. The host dad is in the military and has been assigned a project with the South American base. So he will have a chance to really learn about Brazil and South America. The host mom is a daycare provider in her home. And she teaches aerobics class. They have a son Max's age and he attends the same school. It just seemed to fall into place after several failed attempts to find a new placement in town. The family was willing to take Max without even knowing his name. The family is very active in their church and the community. Max will have a little host sister there also.

Hopefully his new family here will be able to help him keep up with all his interests. We will miss having him as part of our family in our home, but I am sure he will still be family where ever he goes.

This will give us more time to help focus on Kole and give him the attention he so desperately craves and doesn't get. I may have more time to help with their piano lessons. I may even get a chance to read a good book and finish some projects since I may not be living in my van as much.
At least until summer when swim team starts up again.

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