Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a wonderful beautiful day here!

Today felt like spring.. It is just a tease, of course.... We still have 6 more weeks until spring. Today it made it up to approx. 61 degrees farenheit.

This week we had volleyball games and practices piano lessons, homework and just hanging out at home. It was nice to be in my pj's by 8:30 and in bed before 10. I volunteered to work for a parent who was sick and could not do her time at the concessions for a volleyball tournament.

Today I was shocked to realize that Kole's kindergarten year is almost over. He can read! If I would have had more time maybe I could have helped him go even further in his reading ability. So, now I look forward to working with him more. He really needs the attention.

The kids are cleaning their rooms so they can be vaccumed and then helping with laundry.
Today, Kaci's new dance shoes came in.... size 8! And they fit really well! Her feet will probably grow more before June when recital comes up.

We saw Max once this week, and I had to cut the visit short to run away to pick up Kali from a Volleyball practice. Him and Bryce stopped in to say hi and pick up an envelope from his dad with his transcripts in it. If I understand correctly from others he is playing with the orchestra and the Symphony on Wednesday night at the Prairie Capital Convention Center. As to the rest of what is going on, we are no longer informed. That is fine. I think he is happy.

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Dawn said...

Wasn't it glorious today?!!

I prefer to not think of it as a tease, I like to think that it is just a small reminder from God that spring does indeed exsist and we should never give up that it will return. (yeah, the nice day has made me sappy, I'll be back to a crank whinning about the weather next week) LOL