Friday, February 13, 2009

President Obama comes to a town near us

President Obama came to Springfield last night to help celebrate President Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. We watched Air Force One land at the airport on TV (Warmer inside). Kaci was so excited she was jumping up and down and really into the fact the President Barack Obama was that close to her home. She wants to get his autograph. She is so funny. Instead of a rockstar she wants the President's autograph. Then she advised that she wants our new Governor's autograph too. LOL Not the one that is not there anymore, but the one that was the Lt. Governor. hmmm maybe I have a polictcal science major building here. ha ha ha
I have not seen her that excited about something like that in a while.

Kali loves looking at the opinion cartoons in the paper. She gets the biggest kick out of them. She really enjoys the current events class that they have at school where they read the paper and discuss the topics in it. She has drawn several opinion cartoons, but they always seem to be on her papers that she has to keep at school. darn! I would love to see them.

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