Sunday, February 15, 2009

Volleyball and sleepovers

Yesterday Kali had an all day volleyball tournament in Lincoln. When I picked her up at the the school I could hardly wait to hear how well they had done. Kali hops in the van turns to me and says "We came in dead last!" I said what!? I bet your coach is mad. Nope. He seemed to be in a pretty good mood. But at one game that they lost really bad, they all went to sit down and the coach tells them, Stand up you don't deserve to sit! They all stood up shocked. Then she said, never mind..... Kali has games on Monday and Tuesday so she won't get run at practice until Wednesday practice. Maybe the coaches will forget or maybe the girls will step up and win a game or two. We all know they can do it.

Then I find out she and friends had planned to go to a movie. O.k.... but did you ask if you can go to the movie? Then her friends call and want to know if I can take 5 of them to the movies. Well, I could if I had not already had plans with the family to go out to eat. Then Kali wants me to just drop her off at her friend's house on our way to spend the night. Where did that come from! Then I said again, no you are not blowing off your family to spend the night with friends.

So we went out to eat. Dropped her off after. I think they are forgetting they need to ASK first. Then make plans. Maybe after the flooring is in we can have several of her friends here and they can watch movies and scatter on the floor to sleep. That way I can know what is going on. ha ha ha

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