Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun time in the QC

We left for the QC on Saturday morning and arrived in time to unload and pick up Yuri, Max's friend from his school in Brazil. Then off to Bettendorf, IA for a bit of fun at the party.
Mima from Montenegro came by with her host mom Pam for a few moments. We found out that Sondra and Mima go to the same High School.

We had a really fun time and were able to catch up with family and friends at a cookout and birthday party. There must have been at lest 60 people that came and went. A lot of fun. At one point we had 6 puppies and dogs on leashes. We were saying that Patty's birthday party had gone to the dogs. ha ha ha

A really bad pic of Yuri and Max

Phil with Kaci. Kole in the front

Kole with Boyd, Yuri, Max and Kali in back

Sondra and Trey after I had an hour baby fix! yeah! Trey is now 3 months old weighs 14 pounds and is 2.5 ft long.

Patty at her party with a friend looking on

I took Yuri,Max, Kali and Kaci shopping at the mall after the party. While we were there, Kali's friend Taylor from school popped up behind her. Taylor's aunt was so embarrassed! She was sure Taylor knew no one there. LOL

Then Max and Yuri ran into Helena and Mima. It was a really fun time!

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