Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting our training for high school!

Wow, the stuff has already started for graduation! We are already ordering cap, gown and announcements! Next will be senior pictures and the class ring! Then top it off with orchestra requirements for dress and pictures etc. Goodness there is a lot of stuff! We went shopping for the black suit coat, black dress socks and black bowtime that Max will need for Orchestra concerts. Then I made him purchase a heavier coat. He is already cold. The lows here will be in the mid 20's farenheit next week and only up into the mid 50's with a lot of wind. Tonight Max went with several friends "Terror on the Sqaure". A tradition in our area. It is a staged haunted house where the person who puts it all together used to do special effects for movies. Maybe he still does.... I don't remember for sure. But Kali has assured us it is "Really sweet!" Which I guess means that it is very acceptable for a little scare.

Max is also going to nag his friend who he took to homecoming for pictures again. ha ha h a
We are sure to nag at her every other day or so...
Hopefully she will get the hint soon and share. LOL

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