Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pictures with more to come later

Here are some pictures that I have been able to take from both my camera and my phone. I should have homecoming pictures today. At least that is what Max and Danielle say. We shall see. I have bugged them since October 12. I think they finally get it. I and Max's family want to see pictures! I kidded them that there were pictures on the CD that they did not want the parents to see. Max smiled, so I think I figured that one correctly.

Kole received his participation trophy last night for football. I think we are finally done for the season now.
Other pics include: Max in part of his concert clothes on our way to orchestra and other stuff.
Kaci and her friend Jacie. Kole in his batman costume that grandma gave him so he could have a cape instead of using a blanket as a cape. All three kids with the Lincoln family statue. Kali in her halloween getup for a party(taken with phone, does not take good pictures at night in lit rooms). I will hopefully be getting a new camera that the batteries will hold a charge longer than 3 hours. ha ha

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vivian :] said...

is Max wearing the jazz band shirt i bought?
haha i am glad someone wear it :)
anyway did you see my email?