Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another weekend, another parade

This weekend was the Heritage Day Festival. It started on Thursday night with a preview night of the carnival rides and the Junior Miss/Mr pagent. Then Friday night was carnival rides and a band. Today was the parade, then rides and games and craft and food vendors and all sorts of things. I dropped Kole and Kali off around 9 am for the parade. Kali was in the marching band and Kole was riding a on trailer with the football team. Kaci, Max, Reiko, Sweetpea and I then attended the parade at 10 while Boyd was doing his thing.
After the parade and the raising of the flag, we headed home for lunch. Then off to Springfield for Max to practice with a quartet. Kaci and I went and did the shopping, then back to get Max. After dinner, Boyd took Max and dropped him off at a party while I took Kali, Kaci, and Kole to ride the carnival rides. Then back here to relax. Ha! Not hardly. I still need to start the laundry!

Tomorrow Kole has a football game at noon. I am working the gate at 12:15. Boyd will be taking Max to the quartet and I will pick him up after. Unless Boyd stays in town for 3 hours. ha!

This has been a very busy Saturday and looks to be a very busy Sunday also! I haven't downloaded any pictures yet. Sorry!

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