Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homecoming weekend

This weekend is homecoming weekend. All week the high school kids have been doing all different types of things for spirit week. Having a fear factor breakfast, opposite day, green and white day etc.... Last night was the homecoming game. We scored the first touchdown, but then had an agonizing loss of 8 to 23. :-(

Today Kali is off to march in MacMurry College Homecoming parade in Jacksonville. Kole has his football playoffs. And Max will be heading out with his date, Danielle to the Homecoming dance etc. I will have pics to post later.

Other things this weekend is a benefit for a local farmer who I have known for many years. Andy. He is such a good guy. He was a great kid, but has grown into a really wonderful man and father, and husband. He dislocated his hip and broke the socket in a freak dirt bike accident a few weeks ago. He is already out harvesting his crop. He just isn't putting in 16 hour days like he would have before.

Max has been going to training twice a week for basketball. He also has orchestra one night a week and violin lessons another night during the week. Kole's football twice a week changes to piano once a week the same day as Kaci's piano lessons. Kali is practicing to audition for a play at school "Little Orphan Annie" and she has been practicing for Speech competition.
Needless to say we are extremely busy all the time. Unless we plan an over night trip which I think we will be doing more often.

Pics coming later tonight!

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Gina (Caleeo) said...

Wow - I am worn out just reading it! How do you do it all!?!?!?