Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is here! Trick or Treat is over for the night. I took Kaci and Kole with me out through the neighborhood. Kali went to her friend Alyssa's to trick or treat and spend the night. Max went with Danielle to a fall festival at her church. He missed out on trick or treat. A tradition in our home. Oh well, he loves hanging out with Danielle. :-)

Kali in her witch outfit

Kaci is popcorn

Kole is a storm trooper

All three of my trick or treaters

And here they are again!

School pictures follow!

And there you have it! No new pics of Max yet.

Update on Homecoming pictures. WalMart lost them!!!!! I couldn't believe it! They are checking with others that were with them to get copies of pictures from Homecoming. I told them if they didn't, they would have to dress up and Danielle would have to do her hair again so I could get a picture.

Update on grades.... Kali continues to do well, Kole graduated from Speech Therapy and is equal to or advanced of his peers! Kaci is doing very well in school. Max is worrying me. He doesn't seem to get it that papers are due the next day, not whenever he decides to turn them in.. I told him if he didn't work on bringing up the grades he will not pass and then he will not graduate. He looked like he really wasn't listening. We shall see. He is close to losing phone and computer privileges and losing his time with Danielle on phone and after school. I hate to be this way, but he needs to do good in school to graduate and go to college. I am sure his mom and dad would like him to do well. It appears that Danielle has become more than "just a friend", more like a "girlfriend". For weeks he has acted like we do not know, but 2 hours a night on the phone with her after school, is proof enough.


Tracy said...

sounds like you have your hands full!

Dawn said...

Such fun!!

LOVE the popcorn costume, that is awesome!!