Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy busy busy

Well, it seems there is not much time to post on the blog these days. All the kids are busy which makes me busy! I would love to share pics from homecoming, but I am still nagging Max and Danielle for them. They could have prevented the whole nagging thing if they would have just posed nicely for Kali or Kaci to take a couple of pictures for me.
Max is very excited that the IHSA will allow him to play sports at the high school this year. Max has been doing pretty well in school 1 A, and the rest half an half Cs and Bs. Not too bad. I think he can bring the C's up if he wants to badly enough. He continues his violin lessons weekly with Kamen Petkov and we were able to attend a chamber music concert this past weekend in Springfield to hear Yosef Radionov and Zornita Radionova. They are from Bulgaria and Yosef plays violin and Zornita accompanies on piano. It was very relaxing and entertaining. Afterwards we hurried home to get Max fed and ready for basketball training. He trains twice a week on Sunday and Thursday. The coach understood he could not train on Monday's due to orchestra practice.

Kali ended the first term with all A's and 1 B. I will know how Kaci and Kole are doing on Friday when her report card comes home.

The big 9th birthday party for Kaci is this weekend. I will post more after the party!


Tracy said...

Well, it's about time! Now that I don't see you everyday, I need to get my updates somehow.

We really do need to find some time to get together.

Check out our blog to see what Madison did this past weekend!


Karyn said...

Tag, you're it!

You can check out the rules are on my blog :)