Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weather warmed up

Today you could tell that Spring is trying to get here. We are in the 60's but with a lot of wind. All in all though it is very nice out compared to the cold winter temps we had this year.

Volleyball season is wrapping up. The 7th grade won their first game, but lost the second in the regionals. So, their games are done. They can still practice if they care to. Kali wanted to, I think, more for the social aspect of it. She is burned out and tired.

Kole and Kaci continue with piano lessons. They are doing really well. Kaci is doing well with her hip hop dance. Kole waits for football season to start again.

We visited with Max over the weekend when he stopped by to pick up some mail. He looked better than the last time I had seen him. He is very happy and working hard on getting his papers together for college.

Me, I am doing well. Working hard at keeping up with the three kids and their school work and the dogs and trying to help Boyd find things to keep him busy during the layoff.

Kali and Kaci will be attending an all day swim camp in a couple weeks to kick off training for swim team this summer.

Next weekend Kali will be competing at the band ensemble, solo and choir contest. She is singing a solo and duet and playing a solo and duet on clarinet. This will be an all day event. I am planning on attending this year since I missed last year.

Boyd has sinus surgery next week, but all is well otherwise.

I think that is it! More updates as we have them.

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Dawn said...

It was beautiful today wasn't it. If you could hide beside a building where the wind couldn't get to you it was wonderful! LOL