Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boyd's surgery is over

Boyd went in today for his sinus surgery to remove a bone spur and to snooter rooter him out, in other words, clean out the sinuses and make the holes for draining better.
He was very stressed by all this and when he came out of anesthesia he had a very high blood pressure and was given several medication to bring it down. His nose is feeling sore tonight, but he also wears glasses which sit on his nose and that hurts.
His throat is very sore from the breathing tube and that is more bothersome than the stints in his nose.

No discoloration yet. He can be a bit cranky, but that is to be expected. Tomorrow we will see the doctor about his blood pressure medication. Then Friday he can get the stints out.

Otherwise everything here is the same as always. Work, school, activities, work, school, and on and on...

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Dawn said...

Thank goodness he's ok. What a stressful day for you guys!!