Saturday, March 14, 2009

Solo competition

Kali tried singing this year at competition instead of instrument. I think she could have done both. I was going to be real cute and record her with the camera, well the memory stick filled up too fast. Should have used the phone.

Here is what we got of it. It is not much, but maybe when she goes to state I will go and try again! She did get a 1st division!

This what happens when you have to wake up
at 5:45, drive out of town and sing.
Out like a light


Dawn said...

Congratulations Kali!!
I wish we could have heard more but in those few seconds you sounded GREAT!!!

mom2joy said...

Hi, Shannon,
Love it! Want more next time. Kali looks so grown up.
Joy Lin had a music competition today, too--for piano. Also got a Superior. It was a good experience. Even though I don't respond much, I read the blog each weekend! How is Boyd?
Hugs to you all.
Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

Anonymous said...

sorry u guys i was soooooo nervous up there i totally freaked out and studdered on the "pass"part but other wise i didn't do it that much again. unless you count 50 times much.. :}