Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Kole and We're taking a Summer vacation!

Today Kole turned 7 years old! That's right 7! It is so hard to believe it is here already. We had a very quiet at home cake, ice cream and presents. He is very happy with his gifts this year.
The first picture is the first birthday we had with Kole in China in 2006 then following that is this year's pictures.

Kole playing a video game

We all bombarded him with birthday balloons!

Birthday Cake this year

Kole with cake

Blowing out the candles

Opening Presents

Kole received a Nerf gun and extra ammo, a nerf basketball hoop for his door in his bedroom, a troll doll, and a football.
Vacation plans were started last night. We spoke with Boyd's cousin Wanda for nearly two hours. His aunt (Boyd's mom's sister) will be turning 85 this year and they are having a huge get together on July 18. So in July we will be heading on Vacation. Watch the video to see where we will be going....

In case you couldn't understand these two try this one.
She is worn out or her excitement would really show through! ha ha ha

And if you still couldn't understand her



Vivian said...

isnt that Kali's favorite state?
thats coooool!!!
when in July you are going?

FreeStyleMama - Diana said...

Awesome! I love Maine!