Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Saturday after

O.k. The night went very smooth. No arguing no "mom make them go away and leave us alone...." etc etc.
The girls had a great time and invited Kaci to join them. We rented scary movies and they ate fruit pizza and chex mix. The girls did great.
One had to go home due to her bronchitis. One went home with a bit of a fever coming on.
The rest left this morning. Poor Bubba, her dad arrived at 8 am to take her home..
The last two left around 9:15.
The house was all picked up and soon after the last girl left our new rebuilt clothes dryer was delivered and hooked up. No more high squealing noise.

Then off to go shopping for swimsuits for the girls. O.k. We did not buy any. We ended up getting a few things and some clothes for me. ha ha I got something this time!

Rain rain rain everywhere. We got soaked! It would be great if it was a nice warm summer shower, but, NOOOO it had to be a cold drenching rain...

So we came home to veg out and do laundry. I think I am ready for some hot tea.

Sorry no pictures of the night. I was busy keeping Kole entertained.

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