Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frigid Temps!!!

We awoke to temperatures at -17 Farenheit and windchill of -30 Fareneheit. The kids were excited to have another day off from school. We took a cup of boiling water and took it outside and threw it in the air. It was really cool. It turns to snow! I think there will be school tomorrow since it will get up to 18.... A heat wave! ha ha

I will try later when the temperature drops from 4 degrees to below 0 and get a picture of it.

But until then.... Here is a picture of Max in his Orchestra picture


Dawn said...

OH that is sooo cool, I never thought about trying that. Now I have to go do it! LOL. It never topped zero around here BRRRRRRRR

Our grade schools have cancelled for tomorrow but the High School is still on until further notice.

mom2joy said...

Hi, Shannon,
Vegas was 68 today!! I think our HIGH pressure is contributing to the cold, cold weather to the east. But it sure is nice. I think it is supposed to cool again next Wednesday. I know one thing, I'm now officially a wimp when it comes to cold. Hugs to you all.