Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy Weekend and Star Wars

Kole has become a Star Wars fan. He loves pretending he is in Star Wars and fighting the Storm Troopers with his light saber and sword. He wouldn't eat last night so Boyd and Max started saying Obi Kole Kanobi you must eat your star food to help you protect the universe. ha ha ha

Then I would say " Kole, I am your mother" "eat"

It was so funny to watch him.

Then today I drove to Peoria so Max could take a TOEFL test for college entrance. While he did that I hung out with my friends and had breakfast then went shopping at the mall. Then back to pick up Max and then I took Max to lunch and we drove home.

After we got home I just took it easy.
Below are pics of Obi Kole Kanobi, Princess Kali and Max Vader and C Kaci-o

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