Saturday, January 24, 2009

Has it only been a week!

Wow, I thought it had been a lot longer since I posted last. That is how busy we have been. This week has been very busy with volleyball practices and games, basketball practices and games. Piano lessons, dance and orchestra. Whew! On Monday I went to the store and took 2 of the 4 kids with me and decided to check out this van in real life instead of on the internet. Well, I now have a new used van. a 2005 Dodge Caravan... Not the Grand Caravan. The one I really wanted was WAY too much money. O.K. I did not clear this with Boyd first, so there is a bit of a rift there... But it will go away soon. I went from a van that was 8 years old with almost 160,000 miles on it to one that is 4 years old with only 49,000. I feel better doing all the running now.

The kids are doing well. Kali is really growing up fast. She enjoys volleyball, while she does not enjoy 5:45 am practices. Kaci is getting so tall. I noticed yesterday that she is past my shoulder now. Kole is a hoot! At piano lessons we were waiting for Kaci to get done and we had a nice chat and snuggle. He told me how he wants to be a doctor. I told him he can be that if he wants to. Then I asked if I get sick can I come to him to get fixed... He looked at me very solemnly and said, "No, I think you would need to see a doctor." What a hoot!

Max is doing well in school. He is doing very well with his violin. He should probably practice more... ha ha It seems he really doesn't have to practice that much to be good. He enjoys playing basketball and going to the mall. It is fun to watch him and the kids getting along and acting like siblings. They race to the van each morning to see who will get there first to ride in the front. Yesterday the race was Kaci against Max. They got out there and the door wouldn't open. LOL It was locked! They stood there and Max is like... why are we standing out here for if it is locked.... So they came back in and I told them that the driver's side was unlocked.
Out the went again and Kaci won the front seat. I really love those times when they are getting along so well.

More later after the volleyball game!

We are back and Kali played two games. The second game was against 8th graders! They kept right up with the other team. They lost the game, but they didn't lose. They played a great game!

Kali is in the back row middle on the right side of the picture in black and green

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