Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and a surprise proposal!!!

Oh my gosh I can hardly contain my excitement! This was the best Thanksgiving in a long time! Before we began to eat, My little brother Pat looked at his girlfriend Patty and said "I am not much for getting down on one knee, but Would you marry me?" SHE SAID YES!!! I never thought I would see the day that my little brother would find the perfect person for him. I will have a new sister and a new nephew, Tyler! They are setting a date for either of the first two weekends in November of next year. Kali is going to be a junior bridesmaid, Kaci the flower girl and Kole is going to be the ring bearer and Tyler is going to walk with Patty's dad to give her away and be a junior groomsman and both Philip and Sondra will be in the wedding too! We all just love Patty and Tyler. They will be so good together!

Now on to Thanksgiving. We traveled to my mom's house on two different days. I and the three K kids went up on Wednesday after school and Max and Boyd came up Thanksgiving morning. Boyd wasn't feeling well and Max was at practice until 4:45. I really wanted to get a jump on traffic and be past a particular spot known for deer before it was too dark. All in all it was a very good ride there. On Thanskgiving we had two 12 pound smoked turkeys, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravey, vegetables with cheese sauce, green bean casserole, brussel sprouts, creamed corn casserole, relish tray, rolls and cranberry sauce. We also had spraking grape juice, pumpkin pie, peach pie, apple pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and chocolate pudding pie. Whew!

Mom and I did most of the cooking and Patty and Sondra cleaned up while I played with baby Trey! He is such a little chunk. 20.5 pounds and he won't be 5 months old until Dec 1.

He is such a cutey and a good baby too. We had 15 people present at the meal. My bunch of 6, Mom, Pat, Patty, Tyler, Philip, Sondra, Trey, Blain, and Brittany. After everyone had cleared out, Philip, Max and Tyler played with the younger kids for a while. Then later, Pat and Patty came back for dessert and Philp's friends Garrett and Buhda showed up and all seven kids aged 18 and down went upstairs and horsed around for several hours. Reiko and Sweetpea had a rough time keeping track of all the coming and going and who was to be there and not... LOL

It was quite the zoo! I am sure mom is now very happy that we are gone so she can have some peace and quiet.

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