Friday, November 21, 2008

Sleep walking and bad dreams

Kole has started making it a habit to talk in his sleep, or should I say yell out in his sleep. It is usually "No! NO! Stop! Stop!!!! Dad!!! Jack!!! No stop!"
Then he gets up and starts doing motions in his sleep. Last night he was actually turning lights on and off and wet himself while standing up and didn't even know he was doing it. This is almost always around 10:00 pm. He goes to bed between 8 and 8:45 pm. Depending on how busy we are.

I am thinking starting this weekend, 30 minutes before bedtime, no TV, no watching Boyd play video games or anything like that. You can tell he doesn't sleep well. His eyes are swollen in the morning and he just isn't quite him. He has always done a little sleep walking, but he can usually be sent to the bathroom or back to bed and he is fine. It used to be nly once a month or so, now it is almost every other day. Something is going on inside him that he is not getting out.

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mom2joy said...

Reminds me of the side effects of Ambien if the dog gets me up an hour after going to sleep. I get up in the morning and find an ice cream bowl in the sink!! If I think really, really hard, I remember dishing and eating it!! Seriously, it does sound like he needs some kind of quiet and relaxation time before bed. Your lives do sound pretty hectic! Does he snack before bed? Could be he needs to snack or if he has a standard snack to change it. Hopefully it is more of a phase than anything. Hugs to you all.