Friday, November 7, 2008

Athens History is being made and more news

Tomorrow is our varsity football teams second game in the playoffs! This is only our 3rd year with a football team and we made it to the playoffs! Last week on Halloween night we beat Pleasant Plains 22 - 10 in our first playoff game. Tomorrow is our second game! Let's cross our fingers that we win this one too! Everyone in town seems very excited that the team is doing so well! Can you just imagine how we will be doing when our little kindergarteners starting now will do in 10 years!?

Now on to more sports news! Max has been practicing with the basketball team for over a month now, twice a week. Monday starts the real practices in preparations for games starting the week of Thanksgiving. There are a few collisions in the schedule, such as an Away game on Dec. 6 when Max also has a concert to participate in. A first game on a Monday night when there is Orchestra practice.... We will see how well he does with these conflicts and what he chooses to do. Time to update my calendar with the basketball schedule!

Kali competes tonight in a speech competition. She is doing a Duet Improv with one of her Best buds, Alyssa. And then she is doing a solo story telling.
I was enlisted to sell T-shirts from 4 - 6. Could be fun.

The kids are doing well in school. I had parent teacher conferences for Kaci, Kali, and Max.
Kaci has just blown me away! She is so smart and tries so hard. She has some hidden talents in there. Kali, is how can I say it... a very very good student. straight A's!
Max is having some difficulties, but not many. Most I think are communication issues. Like when is a paper due. What knowledge from the subject will be needed to take a test in the different classes. His teachers like him and have seen him loosen up a bit more. He is good at sharing comparisons about Brazil to America.

Kole does not have parent teacher conferences until later in the school year.

Max started a with pictures. Descriptions are in Portugeuse for his family. Most of the pictures speak for themselves.


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