Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday morning

This morning started with me going to Weight Watchers and Max attending church with Danielle and her mother.... It must be love! LOL It started with a friendly little go to a teen group, now it is going to church. Next it will be family Sunday dinners! LOL Oh nevermind, he was already over at a family get together once. Did I mention that Danielle brought him a get well gift!? She did. A TY beanie baby squirrel. You could tell he really liked it and she was so proud that she found a squirrel.

Now that I am about done with lunch, it is time to continue with the house defunking! also known as cleaning. I need to be done by 2 to take Max to violin lessons and then off to get portraits at 4.

Then home to cook dinner and make sure all is ready for Monday. I am still doing laundry too. What a pain! Two days of laundry every week, plus I do a load on Wednesday when I am home for the evening.

Back to work. I need to crack the whip on myself to get it all done and get showered and ready for the picutures.

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