Saturday, November 22, 2008

First really cold day and a 5K walk/run

The other morning we woke up to 12 degrees farenheit. There was frost everywhere and when we would get moisture build up on the front window, it froze. This is the first really cold day we have had so far this year. We even saw some snow flurries.

These are the temperature, the frost and the frozen moisture on the front door.

Then today Kali and I went on a JingleBell Walkathon for Arthritis. Kali ran the first 2.5K of the 5K and left me in the dust! We had decided to walk, but then when they said go, the runner in her took off. I ran the first city block length with her and when the stroller passed me, I knew I was done running! ha ha ha Then I walked. I was walking along and I knew I was almost to the turn around and I saw Kali coming back, so I turned around and walked back with her. O.k. I am such a loser.... NOT! I found out that I really only lacked going 1/2 mile. We finished with a time of 52 minutes and 48 seconds. Of course it was only in the low thirties and cloudy!

We met up with our team but we all went our seperate ways.

These are pics of us before we left and of Kali while we waited for the start and of a very small portion of the 600+ participants.
We had double layers on the bottom and triple layers on the top with scarf, hat and hood. By the end we were really warm!
Then we went for a hot chocolate, and latte on our way to get some lunch.

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