Saturday, September 13, 2008

A good week and start to the weekend

Kole in thought

Kali smiling for
the camera

Kali, Jenna,
Kaci, Jelena

We had a bit of a rainy end to the week but the rain held off for us to attend our Adoption Agency's annual picnic which was a lot of fun. I had fun seeing parents and children I had not seen in years for some of them.

Kali was ill early in the week. But was better by Wednesday. We've had kids with lots of homework and studying to do. I attended an open house at the high school and junior high. I met teachers for both Max and Kali.

We had dog training this afternoon and us and the little dogs did very well. Reiko is already surpassing what we are teaching him. Sweetpea is really getting to enjoy working with Boyd and that in itself is just short of a miracle. She has always been shy of men and boys. That is why we decided he should work with her.

Wish I had taken more pics, but Kali and Jenna were using it. LOL

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